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Cocktail delivery service in Paris

Readymade cocktails delivered to your door
Sometimes you just crave an easy to drink, good quality takeaway cocktail, properly made, with quality ingredients, from the comfort of your couch.

This is why MoonshineDelivery.Fr offers cocktails delivered to your door in Paris, with postal delivery across France, bringing the elegance and enjoyment of cocktails into the home.

Moonshine Delivery was founded by Sam, an Australian journalist in Paris who was one day overcome by an overwhelming desire to drink an Old Fashioned cocktail. Alas, due to lockdown, the prospect of leaving the couch was impossible.

In partnership with Gary, owner of the popular Express Bar in the cosmopolitan 11th arrondissement of Paris, the two decided to launch an online cocktail delivery service.

How does cocktail delivery work?
If you’re in Paris, order via UberEats for immediate delivery during our opening hours.

For everywhere else in France, order online here. We will dispatch your cocktail, carefully inside a Colissimo box, delivered directly into your letter box, within 3 business days of ordering. 

Classic and popular cocktails
Today, we offer the classic cocktails. Try a Negroni, the Old Fashioned, or Margarita delivery, or embrace your James Bond spirit with a Martini cocktail with gin and vermouth.

Our ready made cocktails delivered to your door also include the popular favourite cocktails, such as the Cosmopolitan cocktail, made famous by Sex And The City, and the Bloody Mary, which is the perfect addition to a lazy weekend brunch.

Or why not organise an Espresso Martini delivery, the elegant coffee-based cocktail allegedly invented for Kate Moss. The famous model is said to have walked into a London bar and requested a drink that would “Wake me up, then fuck me up.”

Mocktails, cocktails without alcohol
If your New Year’s Resolution is to drink less, we have good news too with virgin cocktail options.

Each month we propose at least one non-alcoholic cocktail, whether that be a Shirley Temple, or another festive drink made with fresh fruit juice or other refreshing ingredients. 

Ready-to-pour pouches, perfect for outdoors
Our cocktails are served in pouches that are ready to pour. Each pouch contains enough for at least three cocktail servings, depending on how generous your serve, as well as the garnish. You just add ice.

Lightweight, and user-friendly, MoonshineDelivery.Fr offers the perfect picnic cocktail, whether you desire to drink the best summer cocktails on the Canal Saint-Martin, in parks such as Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, or to take on walks, hikes, festivals, bike rides, or your favourite swimming spot. 

For a truly chilled cocktail, place in the freezer for an hour before drinking. 

Yes, our pouches are recyclable!
Our signature pouches are made from PET, nylon and PE, and recyclable under code 7.

Supplier tests on sustainability reveal the pouches to be more environmentally friendly than other containers such as plastic bottles, glass jars and tin cans in terms of production energy, material resources, and waste. Their light weight and flexible properties also mean less emissions are produced during transport.

Moonshine Delivery is always on the lookout for other sustainable packaging options to test, especially those based in Europe.

If you have a tipoff, or would like to learn more about our packaging and sustainability, contact us at




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